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Grow your business by scaling results & relationships, not by scaling ad spend.

Since 2015 Cindy Anne Molchany has created over 70 different online programs for her 7 & 8 figure clients - in addition to running her own coaching and course business, Course Paradise. The client programs she has created have generated millions in revenue, have impacted as many lives, and have ranged from stand-alone courses and coaching programs to masterminds, MRR content, challenges and virtual events.

In addition to Course Paradise and The Client Success Mastermind™, Cindy is a regular feature and coach in programs such as Taki Moore's Black Belt. Her program consulting services and coaching are always in high demand because she brings a unique mix of Instructional Design and Digital Marketing experience to the table -- as well as a healthy obsession for Client Success.

"My Impact is Helping You Make Yours"

What we do at The Client Success Mastermind™ ...

Create Predictable Outcomes & Results

With a solid foundation in Instructional Design and using straight-forward (and tested) models, we help our clients design and bring to life transformative curriculum and training material that generate predictable results 

Increase Retention & Reduce Churn

The magic of any elearning program is not in the design of it as much as it is in its delivery -- and delivery not only spans your client touch points, but is a direct reflection of your team structure, organizational leadership and overall company culture.

Skyrocket Renewal and Referral Rates

Generating results is key, and delivering an amazing program is key, but what is the key to sustainable business growth and the ability to scale? It's being able to create customers for life and loyal client ambassadors that help your business grow.

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